Best Affiliate Programs In 2019

Best Affiliate Programs In 2019 To Boost Marketing And Overall Performance Of Your Business

There are many advantages to have affiliate programs for businesses including making them profitable and raising their worth in the market. Based on your company’s requirement, you can choose this program and extend your brand’s reach to potential customers. However, it is important to understand the purpose and key features of such a program before subscribing to it. In this article, we will cover some important aspects of affiliated programs with respect to business. Also, you can go through the best affiliate programs in 2019 in order to select the aptest program for your company. So, let’s begin this article with some major benefits of affiliate program for firms in order to market their products.

Best Affiliate Programs In 2019

Reasons why Affiliate Programs can be Beneficial for Companies

When it comes to doing business using an e-commerce platform, using suitable tools for marketing the products is essential. Not every owner is an expert or has the time for dedicating towards website management and thinking about other business aspects. This is why affiliate program came into the picture for resolving this problem. But before going deeper into best affiliate programs in 2019, you need to understand the purpose behind them. So, let’s take a look at some of its benefits.

  • Affiliate programs can offer marketing and business management strategies to business person as per their requirements. It can suggest various tools to reach more users who usually search for products or services online. Also, you can get useful tips on increasing your brand’s reputation and overall sales.
  • These programs are quite effective in driving traffic on your company’s website. With its help, owners can generate business opportunities with quality leads.
  • By having an affiliate program, you can expect a positive surge in your website’s ranking on leading search engines. It also provides customized investment packages to the business owners for becoming an affiliate.
  • If you become an affiliate, you don’t have to think about record keeping, customer support, and other e-commerce related tasks. Your only job becomes promoting products and services on the online platform and resell them.

Best Affiliate Programs In 2019

List of Best Affiliate Programs in 2019 You can Consider for Your Firm

To know about the best affiliate programs in 2019, you can go through the list of names mentioned below.

Amazon Associates

Amazon is a world-class e-Commerce platform for many businesses and handling a huge customer base across the globe. Hence, if you want to explore the top benefits of affiliate marketing, it will be a wise choice to select Amazon associates.

If your business or shared link can qualify for sales and result in revenue, it can fetch up to 10% profit. Also, most of the purchases will be counted based on the traffic referred to any specific website or brand. Hence, it doesn’t even matter if your linked product is not purchased directly. You can still earn profit from the counts of visitors visiting the site due to your affiliation.

As Amazon is an online marketplace with a wide range of products, it is estimated that customers won’t just visit for one single purchase. So, more the orders and products placed through this affiliate program, the more it will generate revenue for you. According to many customers, they consider Amazon Associates as one of the best affiliate programs in 2019 to look for.  


ShareASale can be a good platform for those who are looking for an in-house affiliate program. However, you need to research your target audience and geographic coverage before promoting products. It is a great affiliate program for advertisers, but not for merchants with a free membership. If you consider the overall traffic on ShareASale, it is quite a huge number. This platform is very active and considered trustworthy by the users. Hence, affiliates can earn revenues through its referral programs and it is equally beneficial for the sellers or merchandisers.


With the help of the private affiliate network from AffiBank, users can promote products from a wide range of categories. So, if you use its affiliate program and make a sale, AffiBank offers 75% commission towards it. You can receive this payment twice a month via your Paypal account. This program makes sure that customers find new products on a regular basis. It also introduced a special feature called ‘AffiBank School’ for common people to get familiar with affiliate marketing using various tutorials. AffiBank is also considered as the best affiliate programs in 2019 by many affiliates. The reason is due to the team’s continuous support for new and existing affiliates to promote the products.

Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce platforms used by many online retailers and business bloggers. So, sellers can take benefit from the Shopify’s affiliate program to boost their sales.

If you join this program, you can make more money on per referral basis. Shopify offers a golden opportunity to the affiliates to have 200% bounty. For those who are aware of the standard membership plans for referral subscription, it means charges up to $598. So, this is provided to them as the referral’s subscription charge for the first two months. If you want to subscribe to enterprise plan, Shopify affiliate program can offer 1005 bounty, which also means paying up to $2000.

As Shopify’s platform is already popular for its product base, it’s worth referring to people and gets included in best affiliate programs of 2019. So, if you want to get more valuable customers for your business, you can ask for Shopify affiliate program.

Leadpages Partner Program

If you consider Leadpages affiliate program, it can offer all the features for effective online marketing. Using this tool, it is quite easy to create landing pages for businesses that can allow maximum conversion. Also, it doesn’t require any advanced level of expertise to use the tools offered with Leadpages partner program. So, when a company launches any product using Leadpages, they can have an unrivaled space to market them. Hence, your online customers can view your pages in such a way, it will encourage them to invest.

By promoting businesses on Leadpages, it can boost the sales and traffic on the website. Also, you can get up to 30% recurring commission on the total amount spend towards Leadpages referral program.

Wide Markets

Wide Markets can offer a wide range of advertising and promoting solutions to the owners of eCommerce businesses. It runs multiple businesses in the sector of fashion, media, eStores, and eTickets. Sellers can use the platform of Wide Markets to market their products and services and receive outstanding user-ratings based on its popularity. It makes use of some native method in order to monetize the online assets and help to obtain high conversion rates.

In this article, the best affiliate programs of 2019 have been discussed. If you want to know more about these referral programs, you can consult a digital marketing expert.


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