Google Maps Marketing Strategy

Google Maps Marketing Strategy To Improve The Visibility On Google

Google Maps Marketing strategy refers to the use of Google Maps functionality for your business. Thus, you will get featured on Google Maps whenever a prospect will search for the related products or services your business offers. It is a marketing effort that can support your small business in search of local customers. The working of Google Maps Marketing is pretty simple once you are aware of it.

Here, Google decides local ranking by considering three factors: relevance, distance, and prominence. Google thereby, helps you to find the best match for your search. The primary objective of Google Maps Marketing strategy is to optimize your Google My Business listing. It will achieve a relevant and prominent place for your business in the market.

Google Maps Marketing Strategy

What is Google My Business and its Relevance for your Business

Google My Business is s free tool for all types of organizations. Using this tool, you can manage the online presence of your business across various Google products like Google Maps and Search.

Moreover, it will let you interact with your customers, manage your business information, and thus expand your business’ reach.

Google Maps Marketing Strategy to Optimize Google My Business listing

Here are the best ways to optimize your Google Maps Marketing strategy for taking your business to the next level.

1. Load an Accurate Address

It is the most important aspect of Google Maps that needs to be taken care of. It is essential to load an accurate and precise address into your GMB listing. Many businesses make the mistake of claiming their Google My Business Listing but provide incomplete information.

Make sure that the address you are using describes the exact physical location of your business. Note that Google doesn’t accept mailboxes or PO boxes located at remote locations. Thus, you must use the address verified by USPS or any postal agency of your area.

Have a look at the tips for entering a proper address of your business:

  • A precise address is more preferable than the use of broad city names or cross-streets.
  • Never include a landmark that has no association with the address of your business. Don’t give URL or keywords either.
  • If the system fails to find your business location, then pin it directly on the Google map.

After entering a complete address, add a service area for your business as well. Also, clarify whether you provide your service at your location or not. If you want to serve customers at their own locations, then list your business as a service area.

Even specify the names of nearby towns and cities where your company offers its services. Finally, provide accurate information about your website, business hours, categories, etc.

2. Introduce your Google My Business

Google My Business introduction is a crucial part of the Google Maps Marketing strategy. Google uses this introduction to determine whether your business is related to a certain search query or not.

Consider the following points to optimize your Google My Business introduction:

  • Do not overload the introduction with keywords and highlight the USP of doing your business.
  • Moreover, emphasize how you are different from that of your competitors running a business in the same industry.
  • Try to answer all the possible queries that your potential customers might have.
  • Write the GMB introduction in a language and tone that your prospects understand.

3. Verify the GMB Listing

After entering all the required information into Google My Business, update them and get them verified. Otherwise, your business won’t get a chance to obtain a high rank on Google Maps.

Google generally asks businesses to mail a postcard with a unique Pin for the address listed in their Google My Business profile. It doesn’t support the verification of ownership of businesses via phone. Google offers the following methods to verify a business:

  • Postcard verification method
  • Phone verification method
  • Email verification method
  • Instant verification
  • Bulk verification

You can use any of the above methods to verify your business information. But, most businesses prefer to use the postcard method. Still, you can go for whichever seems more convenient to you.

4. Ask for Reviews

As Google Maps Marketing efforts build prominence for your business, reviews start supporting them. Encourage your satisfied customers to write reviews about your company. It, in turn, will add credibility and authenticity to your business.

Be careful, as some of your customers might write negative reviews for your company and affect its goodwill.

5. Create Local Citations

A local citation refers to an online introduction of your business in a selected local media. Local citations enable you to build prominence and relevance on Google to improve the ranking for your business.

As a result, your business will rank on the top on Google Maps. Industry-specific directories, local blogs, and locally focused directories are popular places to look for local citations. Mentioning your business on Yahoo, Yelp, or other similar sites will work as local citations. The success of your business depends upon the number of citations you are getting for your business.

6. Build High-Quality Links

As per Google, the position of your business in web results is a vital factor. Hence, the best SEO practices apply to the optimization of local search results. The use of high-quality links can fetch higher ranks for your business in all search results.

You can simply get in touch with local businesses and ask them to link back to your business. In this way, you are going to build up a number of links back to your site.

Boost your Business’ Prominence on Google Tremendously

The Google Maps Marketing ultimately aims at placing your business high on Google Maps results on search engine result pages. Furthermore, Google Maps Marketing is an affordable and at the same time effective strategy to target the local audience. You can, therefore, stimulate your local sales and spread your brand awareness.

The Google Maps Marketing strategies discussed in this article are moreover the best practices to earn success within a short time span. Each and every element of the Google Maps Marketing strategy checklist is equally important. Therefore, start focusing on these aspects and open your business to new possibilities.


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