Social Media Marketing: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All
Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is basically is using different social media platforms and websites for the promotions of a particular website, item, brand, and much more. However, e-marketing and digital marketing are gaining grounds but social media marketing is the most popular among business owners, researchers, practitioners, celebrities, sportsman, builders. and so on.

Almost every social media platforms are designed with inbuilt data analytics tool which helps different companies to keep a track of all the activities, including their work, and campaigning. Companies address many collaborators through different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, comprising of current and previous customers, journalists, bloggers, and common people.

What’re the differences between SMO and SMM

Before going on with the difference first let me tell you what is SMO and SMM.

Social Media Marketing


Social Media Optimization is the process of modifying a particular website so that it can have online visibility through different social media platforms. This method includes the work that is done on-page, such as refining of the interface and how usable the site is so that it becomes much more appealing to the users. It is an endeavor to share their view through social media websites.

There are different platforms of social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Social News, and bookmarking sites.


Once you enhance the performance of the Website, it’s time to share it among the public through different social media channels so that people can know about the brand, their services, their products. Therefore, in turn, it will generate interest among the public to a large extent.

Hence, the difference is very clear now. SMO refers to the on-page changes taking place whereas SMM is referred to the activities or work going on outside of your website. In short, you can say that SMO is an effective means to persuade the SMM activities by the visitors that visit their website.SMM and SMO are the two grooming topics in the digital world.

Most Popular Social Media Sites

Social Media Marketing

There are many social media websites that we use on a daily basis. The most common websites are facebook Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, etc. Social Media Websites are a valuable tool for the modern day business owners who want to promote their brand on the Internet. But mostly the important thing about this is your target audience.


Facebook is the largest social media network in the present world both in terms of users and recognition. Just within 12 years, Facebook managed to gather more than 1.8 billion active users from all over the globe. Also, it is seen that almost 2 million small and medium scale industries popularize their business through Facebook.


Twitter is mostly used by celebrities. However, there are many businesses that use Twitter to converse with their clients, release recent news, and also use this media to popularize their ads.


It is one of the famous video-based social media websites with almost 1.5 billion visitors every day across the globe. However, Google acquired YouTube in November 2016 for a massive amount of 1.65 billion. YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform.


Instagram is a visual social media platform having almost over 400 million users all across the Globe. This is also owned by Facebook. Instagram is very popular among travel bloggers, fashion savvy individuals, food bloggers, art, and similar other subjects.


When Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat are struggling to make a footprint in the Social Media, Google+ is place among the top. According to the latest update, Google+ has almost over 400 million users all over the world.

Social Media Marketing


How Do I Start Social Media Marketing?

Social Media is one of the smartest ways to connect with all your friends, relatives, and colleagues. Also, it has become an effective tool to run several small and medium scale business.

Work of a Social Media Manager

1. Firstly, build a marketing strategy.

2. Set up a Social Media Account.

3. Create post graphics and text for the client.

4. Keep yourself updated and share the latest trends as well as relevant news to business owners.

5. Try to enhance the number of followers.

6. Market Analysis.

Before starting a social media business have basic know-how and the commitment that you require to fulfill.

  • Make your own social media profile and gain followers. Your target should be increasing of more and more followers. Your main aim is to create followers who engage with you. This indicates a number of likes, shares, and comments.
  • Social Media platforms change daily and therefore always give attention to those who are engaged in social media to a large extent.
  • A Successful business plan is very important since it gives you a roadmap for success. It need not be very long. Just chalk out a proper plan consisting of goals, assets and liabilities, services, etc.
  • A business name adds a flavor to your business brand. Therefore, you need to select this carefully so that it promotes your business in the social media market. So, the business name must be catchy keeping in mind about the target audience.
  • Being an amateur in the business line, you might face initial difficulty to put a higher price tag in your article. Therefore, referrals and testimonials will play a great role to earn big amounts.
  • A proper marketing plan should be start a business.
  • Once everything is sorted, you need to get good clients and to give the best social media management service.

Why Is The Importance Of Social Media Today?

Social Media is a great medium of communication which is entirely different from other media like Printing Press. It encompasses a virtual world around you with the help of the internet.

Social Media plays an important role in different spheres of life like information, entertainment, television, learning, business, politics etc. We have seen in the 2014 election spread the awareness among the public for their work. Hollywood as well as other actors post their photos and also showcase their movie trailers and videos by sharing them on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc. Different production houses play a key role in this promotion.

Social Media Marketing Benefits

1. Best brand recognition and enhancement of brand awareness.

2. Better Customer Service

3. Increasing brand loyalty, goodwill, and customer engagement.

4. Enhancement in the Conversion rates.

5. Increase in the Audience and Brand Equity.


  • SEO basically optimize the best to the topmost page of the search engine but it will take years.
  • SEM, on the other hand, can provide us fast results like a large number of hits within a short span of time.
  • Likewise, if we see SMO vs SMM, it will be the same as SEO vs SEM.
  • SMO people give attractive ads in the social media to popularize it among the people.