A Comprehensive Guide On Email Marketing

Email Marketing

The act of broadcasting a commercial message to an audience through mailing platforms is known as Email marketing. It is a segment of internet marketing, where each email is sent to a potential customer. Looking at its broad aspect, it is nothing but using the email application to promote products or services. A secured process to develop interaction with potential customers is considered to be the biggest advantage of email marketing. Websites, social media and every kind of blogs are a part of online marketing. The only difference is that you need to interact electronically instead of postal services to deliver messages. Email marketing is the most convenient process tailored to market messages to inform customers about regular updates.

How To Do Email Marketing?

If you want to get a clear insight into the process, then this section might be able to help you out.

Establish Goals:

At first, you need to establish your goals. The process may look simple as well as tempting, to just sign up for an email marketing tool and start the campaign. But you need to look before you leap.
List all the points regarding what you need to achieve with email as this will help you to understand your own goals and how to get to the target audience. Decide the content you are going to include and what are the possible ways to measure success.
Adjust all your goals with your company’s broader marketing objectives. It is the only channel which can reach your audience directly. So, use this opportunity to its utmost effect for a number of different objectives.

Build Email List:

Now, it’s time to build an email list to initiate sending campaigns. Your email list can be refined by importing all current customer details into the email marketing tool.  You can either manually upload an existing list or let the tool automatically sync your customer information into its account. Additionally, check the permissions guide to email the subscribers.
You can also plan to build a new list right from scratch.
No matter how good your incentives, are you have to keep it simple. Some incentives you could use to entice people to join your email list are compelling content, first-order discounts, and free or express shipping upgrades. Offering numerous opportunities makes it easy for people to opt-in.

Email Marketing

Select The Type Of Campaign:

Here is a list of the different types of campaigns that can help to achieve your email marketing goals. Take a glance:

Newsletter: It maintains repeated administration of email campaigns that are usually regarding one main topic.
Marketing Offer: Any campaign you send with the goal of driving a direct response, which can take a number of different forms.
Announcement: Announcing a new product, feature, or service can be done through an announcement campaign through emails.
Event Invitation: A basic design to enhance the awareness of your event. Alongside, it also encourages people to attend your campaign.

Email Marketing Examples

Inspiration to do one’s job gets better by getting to know about the top-rated email marketing campaign examples. Whether you are new in the marketing field or an old player, it is always good to learn from the best. You get a compiled list of the best email marketing campaign examples that can help you improve your own content. So, let us discover something that can improve your journey.


It uses simple yet straight-to-the-point strategies in their newsletters. They keep their text brief and clear, which is perfect for subscribers who do not have to waste time to skim the message.


The top source of traffic for BuzzFeed is their newsletters, and they have the best content writings. Their subject lines and preview are the most appealing strategies that engage the readers immediately.

Email Marketing


Email Marketing Strategies

If you are about to start with your Email marketing campaign, then you have to maintain certain strategies to build steady growth.

Create The First Campaign:

With innovative technology, Email marketing tools make it incredibly easy to create attractive email marketing campaigns. Usually, adults have a short attention span. So, you need to structure an easy-to-read campaign. Visuals whether it is video or images are considered to be more eye-catching and make your content stand out. Personalize your email campaigns by marketing automation, segmented lists, and third-party integrations.
The best idea is to classify subscribers into various list segments. It makes the clients easy to choose between the type of contents. It is your duty to ensure that the content is personalized and relevant to a certain group.

If it seems confusing to plan the target based on the segments, then here is a generous help. You can create click-throughs on common email list segments such as Geographic location, Demographics, Market, Past activity, Workflow activity, and Customer data. Certain email marketing tools come along with features like Segments & Dynamic Content. This will further guarantee your emails have relevance to each and every one of your subscribers.

You need to build trust and represent yourself as a brand. Your subscribers will apparently visit your website as well as social media pages to sign up for the email. Do not overlook the fonts, colors, buttons or the iconographic formats.

Recent report states that about 41% of emails are accessible on mobile devices. So, it is a must to drive your subscribers to click through from the campaigns.

Approaches To Timing Your Campaigns:

A strategic approach is required so that your emails follow an editorial calendar. This additionally helps to avoid queues and prohibits flooding subscribers with too much content. Email fatigue can cause your subscribers to disengage and unsubscribe.

You need to send more than just promotional content, which must aim for an 80/20 mix. Devote the content to valuable and useful information along with promotions, sales, and services you are planning to offer.
Start tracking your email marketing campaigns to measure your results on a regular basis. This way you will understand how people interact with your email campaigns.

Email Marketing Tools And Softwares

If email marketing is of high priority for your business, you need to locate the best tools to have a significant impact on the success of your marketing campaign. You can go for, Constant Contact,  Drip, ConvertKit, AWeber, GetResponse, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, and many other such tools.


  • Effective in building brand loyalty and driving conversions.
  • Fast, free and cost-effective to reach the target market.
  • Easy to target clients based on previous sales, behavior, and preferences.
  • Freedom to automate and customize the email campaigns.