Article Submission In SEO

What Is Article Submission In SEO: A Thorough Guide

article submission in seo


Out of all the SEO techniques, article submission is considered as one of the most successful strategies. It involves the writing of articles pertaining to the online visibility of the business and adding those in the top rated article submission directories. The main reason for the article submission is to ensure that the articles you submit must be relevant to your business and attract as many customers as possible to your website. The main aim is to attain higher ranks in popular search engines.

If you are done with your website development as well as on-page optimization, then you can proceed with the off-page optimization. There are several ways of marketing. But there are some apt market leaders who provide successful outcomes for your business. Therefore, article submission is one of the key things that accelerates the SEO campaign towards a suitable direction. Therefore, in this article, we will provide the in-depth features which govern Article Submission in SEO.

Benefits Of Article Submission

There are several advantages of Article Submission in SEO which includes advertising, marketing, and publicity of your business through the World Wide Web.

  1. Article Submission deals with the enhancement and ranking of your online business in different search engines with the help of different backlinks and PR.
  2. Another important feature of article submission is to establish a website owner as a supremo in the industry. By showcasing several details and information inside your articles, it fosters a good relationship with the potential audience providing him or her a reason to come to that website.
  3. It also involves creating backlinks for your website.
  4. You can establish a proper connection for your website using the focused keywords.
  5. Moreover, it popularizes your brand presence.
  6. Article Submission in SEO attracts more customers to the website thereby enhancing the traffic and revenues.
  7. Furthermore, it enhances the website ranking on different search engines.
  8. It also facilitates lifetime links on your website.
  9. Article Submission is a sturdy process with low costs and thereby popularizes your brand by increasing visibility.
  10. Moreover, this method is a much more improved process of brand promotion as well as advertising that also involves attracting potential customers to your website.
  11. Search Engine Optimization always welcomes those sites that are enriched with content. Therefore, Article Submission in SEO makes the path of getting better search rankings. This is an effective means of generating a good impression on the search engines.
  12. SEO framework is considered to be a body without a soul it has a lack of quality contents.

Consider The Essential Features Of Article Submission

Take into consideration the following features for Article Submission in SEO. Please follow these points in order to reach out to your target customers conveniently:

  • The articles must be original and enriched with adequate information.
  • Articles should contain appropriate keywords but avoid surplus keyword stuffing.
  • The size of the articles varies from 500 to 700.
  • Provide an eccentric title with the primary focus on the keyword to make it easy for the web crawlers while identifying and categorizing the topic of your article.
  • Moreover, do provide suitable subheadings, bullets as well as numbering for a unique representation of the content. Also, it makes it easy for your target audience to read the article.

Different Off-Page SEO Techniques

Article Submission in SEO deals with several Off-Page SEO techniques. These range from content publication on several third-party websites to facilitating Inbound Links for a client’s website with the major purpose to enhance the search engine rankings.

  1. Link Building
  2. Inbound Linking.
  3. Outbound Linking
  4. Page Authority
  5. Domain Authority
  6. Alexa Ranking
  7. Listing of Local Business.
  8. Guest Posts
  9. Ad Classification
  10. Social Bookmarking
  11. Questions and Answers.
  12. Review of Business

Brief Insight Into Some Innovative Off-Page SEO Techniques

Below are some of the Off-Page SEO strategies which can easily help in boosting your online presence.

Link Building in SEO

It is one of the critical strategies pertaining to search engine optimization. Link Building involves generating backlinks for a website page/ block coming from an external source which comprises the website in the same industry.

Inbound Links in SEO

Inbound Links come from an external webpage into your own website. These links are available in a hyperlink, naked clickable URL, or some other link format which are implemented in the third party websites for the purpose of reference.

Outbound Links

In SEO, this process is mostly followed by bloggers in order to share their knowledge to the users to have an in-depth understanding of that particular topic. It also involves generating backlinks from a particular website using naked URLs.

Page Authority

Page Authority is basically the authority of the website page on the World Wide Web, which signifies the significance of the webpage based on the quality of the information provided. The Authority of the Page ranges from 1-100 point on an algorithmic scale. With an increase in the scale, higher will be the page value.

Domain Authority

It provides the authority of the website domain showing the significance and importance of the website it generates in the online platform. Moreover, this is also based on a 1-100 algorithmic scale. Therefore, with the increase in scale, more will the value of the domain.

Effective SEO Activity

This activity is a crucial part of Search Engine Optimization. It should be carried out along with other activities to make a solid impact.

Why Opt For Article Submission?

Suitable Article Submission in SEO is highly important to enhance the search rankings but the proper selection of keywords is very important. Suppose, a link from Page M of Website M to the page N of Website N has more weight if both the pages focus on the same topic. Therefore, it’s an effective way to write articles about something, maybe “Maplewood Finish,” containing a link to your page about Maplewood Finish and thereby submitting this to as many article sites having it.

Article Submission and Article Addition

Please take into account that there are some articles which help you to modify their content. Suppose, you are seeing an article on a particular e-commerce website and want to link back the same to your webpage containing the backup evidence without submitting the entire article.

Articles Having “No Follow” Links

In order to discourage spammers, there are many articles that were marked as “no follow”. They usually ask the search engine to transfer the link from their site to a particular linked site. However, it doesn’t signify whether search engines are ignoring the link.

We hope this article successfully covers all the major features pertaining to Article Submission in SEO. You will get a brief insight into the major techniques of Article Submission which ultimately boosts your online presence. Therefore, adopt the Article Submission techniques in SEO to enhance your online presence.


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