Search Engine Submission In SEO

Know All About Search Engine Submission In SEO

Search Engine Submission In SEO

In this fast-pacing world of digitalization, the online platforms have emerged as prominent platforms for brand promotions. Thus Search engines play an immensely important role. In this light, the growing importance of various effective tools of web promotion also comes to play. Search Engine Submission in SEO is one such effective medium of web promotion.

Detailed Insight About Search Engine Submission in SEO

Those of you who are not that conversant with the digital world, you may not be entirely familiar about Search Engine Submission in SEO. Well, no worries. We are there to help you know all that you need to, with regards to Search Engine Submission. In this article, we shall shed light upon the whole concept of Search Engine Submission in SEO. Therefore, do not be dejected further and continue reading the article thoroughly in order to acquire in-depth knowledge about search engine submission in SEO.

Know What Is A Search Engine Submission In SEO?

To those who are entirely new to the world of web search engines, may come across this term for the first time. However, no worries. We are there to help you learn all about it. To put it in simple terms, a search engine submission in SEO refers to the act of direct submission of a particular website to a particular search engine. Essentially speaking, it refers to the act of providing a supply of an URL to a particular search engine. In the process, a particular search engine is made aware of a particular site or page.

So basically, you can say, it is a popular form of internet marketing. And, it certainly helps the webmasters enhance the overall rankings of a particular website or web page.

Relevant Information That Will Help You Know About Seach Engine Submission In SEO Better

As already discussed above, Search Engine Submission is one form of internet marketing. Now, the basic question that might strike you is what all comes under this. To answer your question, the process involves the momentous task of adding the URL of a particular page or site which is under consideration. Search engines oftentimes ask for some basic information.  For instance, it might ask for additional contact details including names, email address etc.

On this note, it is important to note that that the policies to add the various URLsmight as well vary in accordance to the various search engines. Besides, the information asked, also differs according to the terms of the various search engines. For instance, while some search engines might ask for the primary URL of a particular site, others may only ask you to submit the individual pages. There might as well be variations with regardS to the process of adding a particular URL.

On this context, you must know some popular search engines often discourages huge submissions in bulk so as to curtail the risk of spamming.

Search Engine Submission Manually- Know How?

Search Engine Submission In SEO

Now, if you are thinking that the process of Search Engin Submission is extremely difficult and it needs you to be thorough with technological particulars, then here comes the good news for you. And that is that Search Engine Submission in SEO can as well be done manually. And, the best part is that it is not so difficult to do that as well. In order to submit search engine manually, you simply need to go to the individual Add URL pages and then fill up each of the specified from fields one by one. However,  in case you opt for the manual process, there is always the risk of uncertainty. This is because you cannot guarantee the rankings of your web pages. In such cases, we use a specific tool to convey to the search engines that we have some new information for sharing.

However, we shall recommend you strongly to opt for manual search engine submission for some specific search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. This is because that’s what they want. They have made this clear that they prefer manual Search Engine Submission in order to avoid the risks of spam.

Know All About Automatic Serch Engine Submission

Otherwise, you are also welcome to opt for the Automatic Search Engine Submission. The process is rather simpler. It does not require you to fill up the form with the necessary details individually, one at a time. Instead, you need to fill in the information only once. A software program thereafter uses all the necessary relevant information in order to submit it to various search engines.

Importance Of Search Engine Submission In SEO

Now that you have gathered enough insight about the concept of Search Engin Submission you might as well question its importance. Some may even doubt its overall signification. Well, essentially speaking, it is indeed important to submit the pages of your site to various search engines. And especially the major ones such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the likes. You may wonder why? Well, because even though the popular search engines like Google have the maximum traffic, the other search engine is also growing popular day by day.

Besides, there are many such search engines that have good traffic and are used by millions. Therefore, when you submit a particular domain or URL name to search engines, it may take around two to four weeks anyway to be indexed. Therefore, there is every possibility that your page or site might not get properly indexed after submission. Under such cases, you need to resubmit your page again.

What Should You Do If The Results Don’t Come Out As Expected?

This is one of the most pertinent questions. Suppose the result of Search Engine Submission does not come out as expected. There is no reason for you to feel dejected at all under such a situation. If your page’s singing results are dissatisfactory, no problem. Just look into what your competitors are up. That is to say, check out their results thoroughly. In addition to that, ensure that you are adhering to all the norms of Search Engine Submission In SEO. Als,o you need to completely abide by the rules of Search Engine Optimization. If you need to make any modification, do so and resubmit your pages as per norms. In this regard, you must remember that you are permitted to submit your pages twice at a maximum within a  month.

How To Submit Site To Google?

Well, the process is pretty simple. You just need to visit “Google Web PageFor URL Submitting” and then feed in your URL name. Conform to Google that you are a software or reboot by means of typing in the instructed message. Then simply click on “Add URL”

How To Submit Site To Yahoo?

Since the year 2010, The MS Bing Search Engine also powers Yahoo Search Engines. Therefore, if you have submitted your site to Bing, it will also pop up in Yahoo Search results. So follow up the process os submission in Bing.

How To Submit Site To Bing?

For this, you will first have to log in to Bing and then reach out to Bing’s Webmaster Tools Page. Once done Feed in the URL for your home page and then click on Submit option. In order to go about the process, you must have the .xml version of your sitemap. First, you need to submit this and then you need to verify your domain ownership. In order to verify, you need to be conversant with HTML and add on a brief code in the header section of your site.

Concluding Remark

Before we leave, a word of caution for you. You must know to confuse the Search Engine Submission In SEO with Search Engine Optimization. These two are distinctly different. Submission of the sites has nothing to do with the process of optimizing your pages. In fact, what’s worse if you submit poorly-optimized pages or sites, it does more harm to your site rankings.


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