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McAfee Common Errors and Solutions

There are bounteous issues and confusion which occur while installing the Antivirus Software. There are some prevalent errors which cross our way while using McAfee Antivirus Software. Due to all the issues faced by users, we are here to help you. Here are some very common obstructions and its solutions to help you run-over those problems.


As you’ve landed at the right place, we will not only guide you but also help you solve your crunch as soon as possible. The most common are Troubleshooting errors, but McAfee provides SaaS endpoint protection in every environment to overcome those errors. As a result, you should contact us. Before heading towards McAfee support we are here to pull you out from common error with best solutions provided by our McAfee support team;

Error 1: When a file is unable to get installed due to unavailability of the software or at a time of installation check installation URL.
Cause: Expired Cookie.

Solution: Download the file again and restart the installation process.

Error 2: Unable to find remote shared directory.
Cause: File sharing might be disabled.

Solution: Check the file and print sharing, and enable them at the time of installation.

Error 3: Installation doesn’t provide any rights to the user.

Solution: You must assure that the user has an appropriate administrator right to perform further installation process.

Error 4: Installation process doesn’t have any administrative rights to the PC or Access Denied Error.
Cause: Problem with your browser security level.

Solution: Set the browser security to high-level function.

Error 5: The browser is blocking active x controls.

Solution: Tap at top of your installation denied access web page and install active x control. Restart the installation process.

Error 6: Some file are missing or user procMon to narrow down particular keys or files.

Solution: Use windows installation media or you can just copy from other computer networks of the same operating system.

Error 7: Invalid error.
Cause: The user might be using an incorrect URL while installing.

Solution: Check the entire URL. It should be complete and should contain no spaces.

Error 8: User doesn't have license.

Solution: Purchase more licenses from your McAfee account.

Error 9: Asutil.secureobject factory error appears
Cause: Some of the files have been corrupted

Solution: Reinstall the software.

Error 10: INX error message appears
Cause: Virus detected on your computer.

Solution: Install existing antivirus and again reinstall the McAfee total protection services.

Error 11: Unable to connect to the McAfee total protection server.
Cause: This problem arises when a computer is not connected to the internet.

Solution: Connect to nearest Wifi or any other Internet Connection, And then try again.

Error 12: Check computer internet settings.
Cause: Browser Cache full

Solution: Clear all history and cache records.

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How will MacAfee support help you?

MacAfee customer support serves you with all the solution to all the problems above and to other Miscellaneous problems as well.  Our team, McAfee support provides many platforms to solve your botherations, as soon as possible. The easiest and most common approach is via customer support care where our technical experts would be present to help you 24*7 and to look into the issue and resolve it.

Call us on our given Customer Support Number, and we’ll be here to attending all your queries.


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