n Page SEO Techniques 2019

Latest On Page SEO Techniques 2019 To Get Higher Ranking For Website

Always we desire to rank our blogs or websites on the first page of the search engine so that it can draw more audience to create the leads. Every website or blog needs conventional Search Engine Optimization to increase the visibility. Search Engine Optimization mainly takes into consideration Off-Page and as well as On-Page SEO.

In this guideline, we are going to concentrate on the On-Page SEO optimization. Here, we also include a lot of reliable On Page SEO techniques 2019. These can help you a lot to grow the ranking of your website. At first, you need to know what the on page SEO is. This is defined as the procedure to optimize the content for higher ranking on the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

n Page SEO Techniques 2019

Advanced On Page SEO Techniques 2019

Below are some top-class On Page SEO techniques 2019 you should follow to gain followers to your blogs or websites.

Title Of The Blog Post

The title of the blogs always plays a crucial role in determining how the blog posts will perform on the search engines. You need to target the phrase or keyword towards the origin of the headline tag. The headline of the article holds a vital value on the On Page SEO techniques 2019. Here, you need to confirm that you are not repeating the previous keyword in the meta tag with the purpose to obtain higher rankings on the search engines.

The perfect length of the title of a blog must be maximum of 65 letters including the spaces. The meta tag is applied by the search engines to present a page at the search results. It also can be seen at the peak of the browser. A title tags inform the search engines and as well as the searchers regarding the page. As the search engines only present between 50 to 60 letters in the meta tag, you must need to keep the meta tags below 55 letters. And you also need to try to encourage the audience to hit on the compelling copy.

Structure Of The Posted Permalink Or URL

The next crucial factor of the On-Page SEO optimization is fixing the post as per the structure of the permalink. Like the title of the blog, you need to aim to apply the targeted keywords towards the starting of the URL of the blog post. Here, you need to keep in mind that, do not apply any brackets, symbols, or any special characters on the posted URL.

It is one of the principal things of the search engine applies to determine the rank of the web page. That’s why it’s really essential to create the URLs simple to drag. Hence, you always need to try to keep the length of the URL between 4 to 5 words.

Optimize Alt Text Of The Image

The crawlers of the search engine do not recognize the images. They only can assume the text. For the better optimization of your blog images, you need to apply the ALT text. It should be related to the image. As an example, when you write an article on the blogging points and entering the image then this must have a proper name not like image01.png, image.jpg, and so much more.

When you are utilizing any Content Management System, then it lets you attach the Alt text while including the images. You also can join alt tag managing the HTML itself – <img src=”abc.gif” alt=”abc”/>

Meta Description

Meta Description is an essential technique when we are talking about On Page SEO techniques 2019. You always need to add relevantly and as well as unique meta description and meta keyword with every blog post. Here, you also need to use the targeted keyword at the section of meta keyword and meta description.

You need to write 160 letters at the meta description and you need to write this carefully for better CTR (Click Through Rate) that means the users can open the link. This is enough to draw the traffic to your website. In addition, the search engines are examining the Click Through Rate firmly.

Suppose, your webpage ranked at the first position of the search engines. 10% of the users who notice that page hits on it. Then, it receives a 10% of Click Through Rate. When a blog is ranked on the tenth position on the search engine and makes an 80% of Click Through Rate. As the webpage rank tenth position is getting a better Click Through Rate, it can promote your website in a better way in the search engine and it can be reduced as well.

Position Of The Heading Tags in On-Page SEO tactics

Title tags are applied to modify the heading of a blog from the rest of the content. The most essential title tag is the H1 and H6 is the least valuable tag of a blog. It is one of most essential On Page SEO techniques 2019. Headline tags are also the coding of Hypertext Markup Language. That means, if you avoid any tag figures, then the structure of the heading will be split. That is not perfect for On-Page Search Engine Optimization. The suitable method of using the header tags are given below:

<h1>Main Heading</h1>

<h2>Secondary Heading 1</h2>

<h3>Sub-section of the secondary heading 1</h3>

<h2>Secondary Heading 2</h2>

<h3>Sub-section of the secondary heading 2</h3>

Density Of The Keyword

Keyword stuffing is one of the most common mistakes of Search Engine Optimization which various bloggers make. You need to keep the density of the keyword up to 1.5% of the combination of Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords. You need to use the primary keyword one time in the introduction. Then you also need to use this in the concluding paragraph apart from general usage in the content.

Keywords should seem meaningful on-page factors like the image alt tag, title of the page, and heading. Managing the principal keyword is a quite exceptional thing. When you prepare the content of 300 words, then you need to use the primary keyword at least three times. And if you write the content of 1000 words, then you need to use it at least 10 times in the whole content.

Quality Of The Content

When you want to rank on the first page on the search engine, then at first confirm that the quality of the content is excessively high. Those days gone when the little articles always rank on the first page on the search engine. Nowadays, the world of Search Engine Optimization is improved now. Users and Google always like to know in-depth and as well as information-rich content.

At the same time, the short articles are not progressing to work. Alternatively, generate more informative, blog posts, comprehensive, and in-depth which are strong in content and also total words. Google favors 2000+ word for the blog. Such blogs have a better opportunity to rank at the first 10 positions on the search engines. According to an investigation, mostly the long contents are ranking better on the search engines.

Few More Tips on Content Strategy –

  • Keep genuine content.
  • Publish the content on the website.
  • If you share videos on the website, then you need to try to attach the text description. When you use an image, then you need to try to explain the images in words.
  • You need to post regularly, that is, you have to keep upgrading the website at routine intervals.

n Page SEO Techniques 2019

On The Whole

In the above article, we have discussed some of the top-class On Page SEO techniques 2019. We hope, this will help you to rank your website at the top of the SERPs.


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