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Learn How to Manually Submit Website to Search Engines

When it comes to directing people to a website without paying for it, having the site listed on the search engines is one of the most effective ways to do that. And if your site doesn’t appear after you make a search for it on those engines, you should manually submit website to search engines. The traffic without paying money is called organic traffic and to get that, you need several facts to take care of.

submit website to search engines

Organic traffic is one of the most valuable and significant ways by which you can expand your reach globally. There are certain search engines available that offer the results based on the geolocation of the users. If the search engines aren’t able to index your website, then you have arrived at the most appropriate page. Here in this article, we are going to discuss all the possible ways to do that.

Why is it so Important to Submit Website to Search Engines?

There are a few reasons that make it reasonable to submit the websites to the search engines. If you are not aware of the facts, then go through the following section.

Be Safe than Sorry

It’s a fact that search engines are capable of finding your website even if you don’t submit it to them. However, it’s not always true for all the search engines. That means, submitting the site will keep you always on the safe side. So, stop risking it and submit it to them. It only takes a minute or two to complete the addition process of your site.

Crawling isn’t Enough for the Search Engines

Crawling a site is the first and foremost thing that search engines perform in their indexing process. You can easily inform the search engines that how important you deem each of your web pages to be on the Search Engine Result Pages or SERPs. Complying the site with all of the useful information would be so helpful to give the site a good rank among others.

Helps to Improve your Website

Popular search engines come with their own management dashboards. These offer the flexibility to let your website view in their perspective. There are so many kinds of tools available that allow your web pages to test accordingly. Whenever an error appears on the system, the management dashboard will alert you about that.

Tools that you Can Use for Monitoring and Improving your Site’s Performance

Among tons of tools available in the market, only a handful can be useful for you. With the help of such tools, you can enlist your website on the search engines. Tools like SEMRush, Crawler, SiteBulb, Screaming Frog, DeepCrawl, and others are out there to monitor and improve the overall site performance to the search engines.

There are so many facts that you need to be careful of while trying to improve the performance of your website. You can get the help of any of the tools as stated in the above section to monitor the website along with its performance. No matter if you are a technical person or not, you can easily analyze and fix the website according to the search engines.

The Process to Submit the Website to Search Engines

It’s one of the most appropriate ways by which you can easily drive more web traffic to your website. You don’t need an SEO expert who will present your website to the popular search engines. You can do it on your own without any help from them. So, let’s walk you through all the possible ways on specific search engines where you can submit your website.

Submit a Site to Google

Google has discontinued its URL submission tool from the middle of 2018. However, you can do that with the help of the Search Console provided by Google. The only way to do that is by submitting an XML file of the website’s sitemap. Most of the time, sitemaps get the list of all the blogs you have on your website.

Usually, such XML files are located at the directory named as sitemap.xml of your website. In case, you failed to find such XML files, look for the robots.txt file. To do that, go to the Search Console and then select the Property as per your requirement. From the Sitemaps section, type in the URL of the sitemaps and finally hit the Submit button.

If you want individual pages to be crawled by Google, then navigate to the Crawl section under the Search Console menu. After that, in the section called Fetch as Google, type in the specific URL and then select the Fetch button from the menu. This will help you make each page of your website listed on Google.

Submit a Site to Bing and Yahoo

Google is not the only one which has a submission tool of public websites, Bing also does. It also offers a similar way of submitting a website, the way you did it on the Google Search Console. Fill in the captcha and click on the Submit button after you paste the homepage URL on the required field.

Use the Bing Webmaster Tools and then add your site to it by filling up the appeared form. And then finally click on the Submit button. That’s all you need to know about the process of how you can manually submit website to search engines like Bing. To submit the site to Yahoo, you don’t have to do much. Because Yahoo is based on the Bing index that makes the process even simpler. Once your website gets indexed in Bing, it gets the same on Yahoo.

To Conclude

Here we are at the end of our discussion on how you can submit website to search engines without facing any kind of trouble. You can easily include the homepage along with the other pages of your website. From Google Search Console to Bing Webmaster tool, you can easily add your website to any of them and get more web traffic. Hope, you have become familiar with all the convenient ways by which you can get your website listed on the search engines.


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