freelancer in digital marketing

How do I Start Working as a Freelancer in Digital Marketing?

Freelancer in Digital Marketing

With easy access to the internet, the number of viewers and internet users are increasing at a rapid speed. Now, people are relying on the digital platform for all their requirements. Digital marketing is one such need that makes online marketing possible and effective. Marketing has always given the key importance to its audiences. It means you need to get to your clients through space where they spend 50% of their time. This is how digital marketing enters the real world.

Digital marketing is basically a process of incorporating all marketing efforts. Through the utilization of electronic device and the internet, you get to utilize all the digital platforms. Recent studies show that each and every type of business is getting an extra edge through such search engines to connect with current prospective customers.

There are various perspectives about digital marketing that is observed across the world. Let me help you get to a clear definition. If you are using various digital tactics and channels to reach your customer then it is part of digital marketing. There are a large number of spectrums that comes under the definition of digital marketing. If you want to be ahead of the lead then you must have a clear picture of your goals and objective. Depending on your objective, you can turn your dream business to reality by organizing campaigns that are easy to dispose of. 

Here you will get a vivid insight into digital marketing and its common tactics. Along with that, you get to know how you can start working as a freelancer in digital marketing.

Common Digital Marketing Strategy

Let us first get to the most common processes that prove to develop a successful digital market.

  • Search Engine Optimization: This process benefits a particular website by increasing its rank in a search engine result page. It, in turn, helps to engage and increase the amount of organic traffic for a website receives.
  • Content marketing: For the purpose of generating brand awareness is its sole purpose is to enhance production and promotion of content. Adding to that it also assists in lead generation, traffic growth, as well as bring in customers.
  • Social Media Marketing: This process helps to promote any particular brand and also increases brand awareness through social media platform.
  • Pay-Per-Click: This process, helps in pushing more traffic to any particular website. Whenever an advertisement is clicked the publishers earn money. Along with this it also allows you to pay for prime slots on any search engine outcomes page at a charge “per click.”
  • Affiliate Marketing: A performance induced advertising process, where you get permissions for advertising someone else’s goods or service. It may include hosting videos or posting affiliate links.
  • Native Advertising: This process refers to advertisements that are fundamentally led by content. Along with these it also features on a platform which is mostly non-payable.
  • Marketing Automation: Any software that can assist you to automate your basic marketing operations is part of this method. It helps to eliminate the manual process and can develop an automated task system.
  • Email Marketing: It is nothing but a way of communication, that helps to get direct communication with the clients. It can be used to promote content, notify discounts and events, to enhance a business’s website.
  • Online PR: Through digital publications and content-based websites, the practice of securing earned online coverage helps to maximize the effort.
  • Inbound Marketing: The complete approach which targets to attract, engage and delight the customers who visit the content or website.

Break the Ice with Introduction of Freelancing in Digital Marketing

If you want to make a move into a self-paced, relatively less stressful role in digital marketing then chose to a freelancer in digital marketing. Otherwise, if you feel that you have enough skills in digital marketing that can enable you to train others in the same filed then you get the option of freelancer in digital marketing. However, getting out of a secure zone or getting involved in new unfamiliar zones lead to certain dilemmas. However, if you are willing to perceive something through hard work, then go through the next section. Here is a complete guide that you can read before getting into the digital marketing as a freelancer.

Freelancer in Digital Marketing

Reconnect with Previous Contacts and Build New Connections

The key ingredient is to start connecting with previous old contacts along with generating new networking with new people. You need to communicate to them in order to make new acquaintances which prove to be beneficial in boosting any personal brand.

Generate your Portfolio

Another most important point is that you need to put together a portfolio of your work. It generally works as a digital marketer, that helps you reach your target audience. You need to keep it simple as well as make it presentable. Further, you need to ensure that you have included all the key points of the work accomplished by you. You can also attach any and every notable achievement with respect to the clients that you have dealt with in the past years. It acts as a potential idea for the clients and helps to drive more traffic for the business.

Be Active on Social Media

It is imperative for you to stay active on social media if you want to start working as a freelancer in digital marketing. If you do not need to be a part of social media users, who tend to post on a daily basis. All you need to do is stay active on numerous groups across social media platforms. This way you can get a real-time notification on freelance jobs in digital marketing and sub-domains.

Start Blogging

You need to grab the attention of the digital marketing industry, who might require assistance by staring your own blog. You can create contents on topics that get utmost importance in the present day or you can come up with something new. The core purpose is to drag the audience and to make them familiarize with your blog. Further, this process also helps search engines to fish out your content from the pool of blogs and promote it. If you are able to build an authority then people will willing to lend an ear and listen to what you want to say through your content.

Attend Events and Conferences

Any event acts as a direct source of networking for a digital industry. If you can get a basic business card, stating your role as a freelance and further share them at specific business meets then it can give a push to your freelance career. This further helps to plan your networking activities based on the present need as well as on the basis of the event agenda.


The aforementioned tips must be enough to help you get a good start as a freelancer in digital marketing. All you need to do is render yourself some visibility as a freelance in digital marketing. This process helps you to reach and easily find jobs. However, before you start you must perpetually learn that before you start pitching for projects, you need to evaluate your target audience. This way you get to understand the bandwidth and the easiest route to pitching to prospects.


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