Facebook Page Promotion

Achieve The Unachievable Fate With Facebook Page Promotion: Bolster Your Business

Facebook always incline towards using an algorithm to identify the kind of posts in the users overloaded Newsfeed. As per the report, there is a huge drop in each of the Facebook pages because of the heavy demand of users as well as advertisers. So, how will you begin promoting your new Facebook page to get your fans engaged? In order to connect with your presence as well as potential customers on the Facebook page, you need to consider a few things before going ahead. This article will give you a list of do’s and don’t that you must adhere for your Facebook Page Promotion.

Facebook Page Promotion

Effectual Ways to Promote your New Page

Let’s keep a bird’s eye view on the effective ways of Facebook Page Promotion.

Using the Previously used Network

If someone is already there in your mail list, it’s obvious that they will love to get in touch with your Facebook account. Henceforth, to get the stones rolling you can drop an email to the contact list giving the link for new pages as well as inviting people to like your business name in the Facebook page.

Moreover, you should also incorporate social media buttons to the email footer. If you use this, all the email subscribers get a continuous reminder about the active social channels.

Adding Follow Button on Website

You need to make the service seamless for the website visitors so that they can like your page with the addition of Follow button to the website. A Facebook Follow button is basically a widget you can add in your website which helps in connecting potential users from your website to the Facebook page. However, if you are looking for Facebook Follow button, you need to move to the official Facebook Social Plugins resource page.

Making an Attractive Facebook Ad

Creating a proper Facebook Ad is an effective way to showcase your page in front of the entire audience. With the help of Facebook targeting features, you can make an ad that connects people based on certain parameters like age and location. Also, you can use Facebook’s Custom Audience features in order to upload the email list and catch hold of the existing customers.

Sharing Meaningful Content

There is a huge bridge between social media as well as social media marketing. Henceforth, give people an opportunity to like your Facebook page by providing effective posts and content. Since Facebook is a visual channel, you have the unlimited authority to share images and videos. Also, you can take Facebook Live option n order to engage your fans for your Facebook Page Promotion.

Promoting Offline Page

You have the authority to promote your Facebook page on different printing marketing materials comprising menus, business cards, signs, t-shirts, and many more. You can view that anywhere. Always portray your Facebook page the next time you give a public speech at the workshop as well as the conference. You can even incorporate an image and link to your page in the slide deck.

Don’t Forget Existing Social Following

If you are active on other social media platforms, then you need to your page on those channels. Your ardent fans will be excited to connect with your business anytime. And in turn, this which will create a buzz which is a boon for Facebook Page Promotion.

Customizing Fan Page URL

If you use vanity URLs, it becomes easy to make your fan page URL memorable. You can check this out in http:// facebook.com/awesomefanpage.

Create a Link on Personal Facebook Profile

You need to incorporate this under the links section. This is basically a “soft sell” of sorts which help your friend to know about the page. People usually search for this part in the profile.

Tell your Fans to Provide the Link

You need to ask your fans to put a link to the fan page on the personal profile. You need to leverage the power of the existing audience and obtain the best results.

Provide Tag in YouTube Videos

If you create compelling videos which fall under the category of content marketing strategy, provide that in the well-timed fan page at the end of YouTube videos. Social marketers put up those links to the fan page at the end of every video which can be an added value to your content. Henceforth, providing tags can surely optimize Facebook Page Promotion.

Adding a Like Box

You can also place a Like Box in your blog for Facebook Page Promotion. When you perform this, you need to ensure the options included contain a face pile. Like box will help your readers to find out how many friends like those pages.

Targeted Keywords in a Google AdWords

You need to use a keyword-based ad and direct people to the fan page. This is similar to Facebook ads. If you don’t use keywords before, it is pretty straightforward.

Retracing the Webinar Guests to your Fan Page

If you opt for GoToWebinar, you can select send registrants to a URL after completing the sign-up. This is what you should let people know of the attractiveness about your fan page.

Provide Fan Page URL in your Keynote / PowerPoint Slides

Majority of the people are already on Facebook. Therefore, it’s a no brainer to give them an easy gateway to connect with you. This will lead to a successful Facebook Page Promotion.

Provide Fan Page URL on your Twitter Profile

Lots of tweeters are inclined towards the use of the web-based version. Henceforth, profile background is imperative for web real estate. You need to cross-advertise as well as use one social network platform for successful Facebook Page Promotion. Century link plays an important role. If you navigate to the Twitter page, you can able to view the location of the fan page.

Take your Business to the Next Level with the Optimal Use of  Facebook Page Promotion

Hopefully, all the do’s and don’t are covered in this informative content pertaining to Facebook Page Promotion. There are several ways to make people aware of you as well as the online community that you are part of.

Therefore, why don’t start creating a list on your own? Most of the interesting ways are provided here which can help you to socialize your business across several platforms. Hence, if you have any creative idea in your mind, you can provide that in the comment section.


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