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Facebook Page Likes Buy: What To Expect And What Not

Facebook, with its millions and billions of active users throughout the globe, is surely the largest social media platform today. Though termed ‘social’, owing to its reach across countries and continents, business professionals see an alluring scope of expanding and marketing their businesses through this platform. All you need is a dedicated Facebook business page, and you are good to go.  However, to earn the trust of whoever sees your page, you should have a generous number of Likes. But, what if you are not getting likes on your page? If it’s a new product launch, there’s less chance that it will fetch a large number of Likes. In such cases, you can opt for Facebook page Likes buy.

Facebook Page Likes Buy

Now if you think why you should buy Likes, then there is a number of reasons. A considerable number of Likes on your Facebook page enhances the credibility of your business to a great extent. This is how Facebook works. More the likes of a particular post or in this case, a business page, more are the chances of roping in customers.

Buying likes for a Facebook page or post is an option that has several pros and cons attached to it. Here’s what is there to know.

How to Opt for Facebook Page Likes Buy?

A number of websites today are selling Facebook likes. All you need to do is search in Google for such service and opt for buying Likes. The process is fairly straightforward. You pay an amount to these sites and they add the number of likes you pay for to your page.

Some sites claim that Likes are real. Meaning, that the Facebook account for the likers does exist. However, there’s no way to choose the country or age group of people who are liking your page. As these are electronically generated likes, all you’ll get is the number. The likers may not be actually interested in your products or services.

So, as it seems, the only advantage of Facebook page Likes buying is that it adds to the credibility of your business. But most often it’s not the case. There are a number of benefits of buying Facebook Likes and now we are going to delve into them.

Why you should Buy Facebook Likes: Advantages

When opting for Facebook page Likes buy, you can be assured that a large number of Likes will be attached to your page in no time. Yes! Likes are that easy these days. But why are you opting for it? Are there any advantages of buying Facebook Likes, or is it not worth the money? Here’s what you need to know.

Buying Likes Boost your Business Page

When your product or brand is new or in a process of launching, there’s no surety that it will fetch a huge number of likes. The process of getting likes is generally slow. So, Facebook page Likes buy is a good option.

Because it boosts your page. A person will generally not trust a page with 30-40 likes, but if the same page has, say, 1000+ likes it would be easier for the visitor to trust your business page. Thus, buying Facebook likes acts as an instant boost to your business. A thousand or more likes on your Facebook page will effectively advertise your product, brand, or service, whatever the case is.

Establishes Reputation within a Short Period of Time

Facebook page Likes buy also eases your effort in establishing a reputation for your business or brand. With a large number of likes, your post will show up on people’s feed more frequently, and what can be better than that. More the visibility of your product, and more the likes attached to it, more are the chances of your brand gaining positive feedback.

Essentially, this creates a perfect condition for establishing a brand where people actually think more about your product.

Attracts New Fans

With a large number of likes that you get with Facebook page Likes buy, the possibility of attracting new fans increase. A person when sees a page with a considerable number of likes, it automatically draws his attention. And, if your product or brand interests him, the chances of that person liking your page increases tremendously.

Thus, you get a new fan on whose feed your business posts will, from now on, show up. Thus, he/she can turn into an actual customer. This person will be then organic traffic which you pulled in just because you went for buying Facebook likes.

Drawbacks of Buying Facebook Likes

Buying Likes does work wonders for your newly launched business. But should this be your long-term strategy? Or, is there anything to be concerned about when you opt for Facebook page likes buying? Let’s get into the details of it.

Possibility of ‘Likes’ Dropping Down

The paid Likes are in most cases, generated through fake accounts. So, if, according to Facebook’s terms of service, these accounts get shut down, the likes on your page too will drop straight down. Moreover, Facebook’s algorithm works something like this. When you post something for the first time, it will show that to a handful of users.

As the number of likes gradually increase, the post or page will gain its momentum and will be visible to more people. However, with paid likes, the number steeps high right in the beginning. And if no further engagement is seen, or if you are not getting any further likes, Facebook will probably not show your page to any more people. And as a result, your Facebook page drops down in its ranking and reputation.

No Real Market in Purchased Likes

The paid likes are getting generated from accounts over the globe. They, in most cases, are not the customers. So, effectively, you are paying for likes from people who probably have no interest in your product or brand. Hence, there’s no real market in the paid likes. It’s only done to get a large number of likes on your page, which in turn can rope in customers. But, the likers themselves are not the customers.

Facebook Page Likes Buy: In a Nutshell

So, it’s really up to you whether you want to go for buying Facebook likes. While buying likes for your Facebook business page works, it does so only in the initial phases. And, it can also attract customers for your business.

However, after a certain time, all it would matter is what you have in store for the visitors. If your products or services are competitive or say, unique and alluring, then you can be almost sure that buying the likes will pay off in profitable ways. You will get genuine likes and followers from across the globe.

So, our recommendation will be to first focus on the quality of your products, take into consideration every factor that we have discussed above, and go for buying likes if you think it would be a wise choice.


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