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About Google Chrome

Google chrome is a free Internet browser which was officially released in December 2008. Google chrome is the main component of Chrome OS where it serves as the platform for running online web apps.

About Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most followed World Wide browser that provides connectivity around the world. Google Chrome was first released for Microsoft Windows but later become compatible with almost every web platform. Today, Google Chrome has a 63% worldwide usage share of web browsers. It also has 54% market share across all platforms combined. With the huge success of Google Chrome, Google expanded its operation to produce further products like Chromebook, Chromebox, Chromecast, Chromebase, and Chromebit.



  1. Browser security- Google Chrome

    periodically updates its algorithm to prevail privacy among its users. The hideous attacks that are performed on the browser are “phishing and malware”. To avoid any harm by these attacks, Google provides free Public API called “Google safe browsing API.”

  2. Web standards support-

    Google Chrome runs on the platform like JavaScript/ECMAScript according to ECMAScript standards conformance test. This test is required to allow a web browser to make its components publically available. Google Chrome scored only 10 number tests failed whereas Mozilla scored 19 number of tests failed.

  3. Bookmarks and settings synchronization-

    Google chrome also allows its users to bookmark any web page exists on the internet. This provides flexibility for the users to select the desired web page. It also allows users to synchronize their bookmarks, history, and settings across all the devices with the data receiving through a chosen Google account. This is authenticated through Google credentials. If any hostile log in crops up then you would be informed about the login.

  4. Privacy-

    The private browser “Incognito” is one of the most important masterpiece of Google that allows users to access any web content around the internet without tracing the history of the visited web content. This private browsing prevents the browser from storing history permanently.

  5. User tracking-

    Chrome sends details about its users to the Google through optional and non-optional user tracking mechanisms. Some of the tracking mechanisms could be disabled by the interface of your web browser. “Cache” stored on your browser also enables Google to trace your history but you could avoid this by deleting your cache. This is done by ctrl+shift+delete.

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