Chrome not responding : Problems and solutions

As Google Chrome is not limited to the particular Microsoft windows, it creates different problems for different Windows. One of the common problems is “not responding” for all Microsoft Windows.

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“Not responding” problems in the web browser create many hindrances to the work. These problems should not be overlooked if it is persisting.


  • Web browser gets frozen while closing a tab.
  • Cookies and Cache
  • Bad proxies and Multiple extensions
  • Filled local storage


  • If your web browser often gets frozen while closing a tab in Google Chrome then open Chrome’s task manager and force stop the application that is taking the maximum resources. If you still do not get over this problem then reset your browser settings or download Data saver Chrome extension.
  • Cookies and cache are the most demeaning problems that block the smooth path of the internet in the web browser. Cookies are the unwanted files that have been stored in your system by the website where you pay a visit to track your online movements. Similarly, the cache is also a collection of unwanted files that slow down your device. This error is temporary and could be easily resolved by deleting cookies and cache.
  • Sometimes, malfunctioning of an extension triggers Google Chrome to show “not responding error”. Try disabling all extensions one by one and reactivate to check which one of the extensions cause the real issue of not responding. You could easily disable an extension by right clicking on the extension.

Bad proxies

It might be the real culprit too. If you are using external proxies in your browser then you just have to verify that the data entered, under manual proxy settings, is correct. In a case of using an internal proxy, go to Chrome advanced settings after visiting settings in Chrome’s browser.

There is an option of Change proxy settings where you would change your proxy settings by clicking on LAN setting which is available under the menu of Connection.

Storage of excess corrupted files causes the problem of “not responding” in Google chrome. So, clean up of those files would be a better idea to keep the web browser responsive. Now, the question arises How to clean up local storage?

  • Open control panel -> Folder options-> View->Hidden files and storage->show hidden files, folders and drives. Now, open “local path” navigating through the “C:\users\your username\App data\local\Google\chrome\user data\default\Local storage\”. Data stored here is useless, delete all the data present here.
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