How to clear search history in chrome +1-866-974-8665

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December 4, 2017
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How to clear search history in chrome +1-866-974-8665

Users who are frequently using the different web browsers like Google Chrome etc for browsing the internet are aware that the web history about all that they searched on the internet gets stored. But many may not be aware of how to delete this browsing history. For this they will have to get in touch with a good tech support team who can tell them how they can clear the search history from time to time.

Why one may want to clear the search history?

The reasons why one may want to clear the search history could be technical, professional or personal. Some of the probable reasons are:

  • One of the obvious reasons is that the user may not want other to know which websites or webpage he has browsed in the recent past
  • When you are logged into a public computer it is always better that you delete the browsing history before you leave the desk
  • Some of you may be encountering some bugs when you are trying to download a particular website
  • In some cases the web browser becomes very slow and it takes a long time for the webpage to get downloaded

Whatever the reasons, the bottom line is that it is better to know the procedure to delete the browsing history.

Details about how to clear search history

The procedure that you need to follow for clearing the search history is as follows:

  • You need to first open Google Chrome
  • Click on More
  • Click on history
  • You will get the option clear all history
  • Select this option to clear all history
  • If you want to remove only selected items, then click on the checkbox next to each item that you want to delete


  • Click on the delete option
  • Click on Remove
  • For removal of image from a new tab point to the page and click on remove
  • You can opt for the Incognito mode if you do not want Google Chrome to save your browsing history. This will help you browse privately.
  • It is also possible to turn off browsing history so that the history does not get stored

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To avoid any kind of confusion, it is better to contact an efficient technical help team like ours who knows Chrome and its settings very well. You can tell our experts whether you want to delete the complete history or only certain data or whether you wish to browse privately. Our experts will give you step by step procedure so that you can do the needful easily. But for this, you need to contact us. Call us on our phone number to get the procedure to delete the search history. You can ask our online live support team for assistance. You can also chat with our chat support team and get the complete procedure for deleting the browsing data. They can also give you the details about activation of Incognito mode.

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