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Google Chrome Tech Support: Add users

One of the Google Chrome’s flagship features is the ability to sign in with your Google account and synchronize your Bookmarks, Apps, Extensions, and History across multiple PCs.

Google Chrome’s multiple profile support provides an easy way to allow multiple users to use the same browser without any hassle of signing in and signing out repeatedly.

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Adding a user in Google Chrome is an Algorithm:-

It follows some predefined steps:

  1. Open your Chrome browser

  2. Tools Menu- 

    It is a drop-down menu available at the top right corner of the browser. One of the desired options in the menu is Settingsthat need to be followed in order to add a user. If you have an updated version then you only have to manage “other people” if you are already signed in.

  3. New user window

    -After performing the above operation flawlessly, a new window would appear. This new window would create a new browsing session for the user you have just added or want to add. This new session assigns a new profile and browsing interface different than the other already added users or the person who has added you. Any browser setting committed by the added user is tailored to his/her own interface.

  4. Edit user-

    If one wants to edit username “fluffy” given by Chrome then one needs to follow the similar steps which are mentioned above.

  5. Account Integration- 

    An association of local browser account with Google account is the best way to synchronize your Bookmarks, Apps, Extensions, Themes, Add-ons with multiple devices. It promises the availability of your history on multiple platforms.

  6. Advanced sync settings- 

    Google Chrome’s advanced settings window allows a user to specify which item to get synchronized with Google account each time you sign in to the browser. This window appears automatically if you sign in to Chrome for the first time from Google account. If it does not appear then you could access it by returning to the page of “settings” where you would have click on advanced Sync settings. By default, all the items are sync. If you want to edit any item then you could perform it with the help of the given drop-down menu.

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